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conductivity of different materials

metal resistivity(nano ohm) ratio
silver 14.71 1,00000
copper 15.80 1,07401
gold 20.11 1,36710
aluminum 25.00 1,69952
zinc 54.55 3,70836
iron 87.10 5,92114
lead 193.00 13,1203

So, silver is the best conductor, at least at room temperature. (At very low temperatures, lead becomes a superconductor where its resistivity becomes 0.00!) Copper is close to silver, and is much less expensive. Aluminum is not far behind, and is less expensive than copper.

One important note: Pure silver is a little better than copper but industrial procedures involved in production of wire are far better for copper than for silver, so industrial copper wire is usually of higher purity than silver one.