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FE 208 Sigma

This is an 8" dual-cone with an Fs of 45 Hz, a low-Q driver with high sensitivity and output to 18 kHz. The sensitivity and design of this unit place them squarely in competition with Lowthers.

I am currently using a 208 Sigma in a TQWP that was built for Lowthers. It sounds a lot different than a Lowther. The bottom end is stronger, but it lacks the mid range magic and the high end is less exciting.
The website for Fostex shows that they are 168.00 plus shipping each. That would make a pair somewhere around 350.00 I paid 416.00 for a pair from Japan.

Overall, the sound from a 208 Sigma is a real bargain. For 350.00,a pair of these is hard to beat. I like them more than PM 2C's, but not as much as 2A's.