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horn speakers


TQWT plan with industrial sewer tubes
TQWT plan with additional resonation pipe in order to equalise bass response
measurements of TQWT (debate with Jack Egidijus at Full-Range Driver Forum): tapered 1/2 wave tube with stuffing proposed by David B. Weems (through Jack) and ussual stuffing of TQWT. Note: Measurement taken with RS Spl meter, correction for C weighting not aplied
single unit loudspeakers
Single unit fullrange loudspeaker with RadioShack unit

front panel is prolonged to avoid unnecessary speaker stands

multilple arrays
This loudspeaker (TQWT) contains 4 ultra cheap Conrad Electronic 3" fullrangers and one Motorola piezo tweeter (cost for all units is approx. 30 US$). The only real drawback is lack of bass.
other speakers
Classic 3 system loudspeaker with Scanspeak drivers
Series of classic loudspeakers
other devices

record player

high efficiency drive units
high efficiency drive unit with exponential aluminium cone